Primark - won't exchange items unless it is for exact amount?!
I went to my local Primark today and wanted to exchange a cardigan (with receipt) for a number of other items. My boyfriend bought the cardigan but as it was an exchange over the amount he spent I didn't think I needed his card. However the woman on CS wouldn't let me exchange it because no combination of the items I wanted added up to the amount of the cardigan e.g the cardigan cost £9 and she would only exchange it for items valuing £9 exactly and said otherwise it would HAVE to be a refund thus not possible as I needed my boyfriends card.

Is this correct? I used to work in retail and we happily exchanged items as long as it was at or above the cost of the original item bought, never heard anything like this. I have been served by this woman twice and she is so, so rude - it might be a change in policy which is stupid or it could be here being difficult, I am not sure which?


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